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Forms app: Allow to collect internal and public information and feedback
Collect votes from stakeholders quickly
Allow to define a product hierarchy
Portal: Share product work and get feedback on your branded portal
Improve cross-team collaboration and navigation with Workspace groups
Insights app: Allow to gather and centralize feedback in one place and inform product discovery
Notifications and item updates
Global search
Hierarchy improvements
  • Sync hierarchy relations with our integrations (especially Jira)
  • Ability to see which parent(s) an item has linked
  • Add visual identity to different item types so they can be easily identified
  • Auto-update children when a field changes on their parent
Salesforce integration
Align your team on status definitions and brings clarity on item progress with new system field "Status"
Embed forms in your website or use them standalone

Forms created via the Forms app can now be shared more freely with your audience. You can create share links to your forms for direct access to the standalone form (no airfocus interface around it) or you can use the provided iframe code to embed the forms directly on your website. Your audience can also add attachments for additional context via these links or embeds.

Real-time updates to third-party apps with Webhooks
Multi-workspace templates
AI Assist: Unlock the power of AI for product managers
New and improved text editor

The modern rich text editor allows you to communicate more effectively, organize information easily, and provide more clarity. It offers a wider array of editing possibilities such as slash commands, a floating formatting toolbar, drag-and-drop content blocks, and much more.