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Forms app: Allow to collect internal and public information and feedback
Allow to define a product hierarchy
Portal: Share product work and get feedback on your branded portal
Improve cross-team collaboration and navigation with Workspace groups
Insights app: Allow to gather and centralize feedback in one place and inform product discovery
Notifications and item updates
Global search
Hierarchy improvements
  • Sync hierarchy relations with our integrations (especially Jira)
  • Ability to see which parent(s) an item has linked
  • Add visual identity to different item types so they can be easily identified
  • Auto-update children when a field changes on their parent
Align your team on status definitions and brings clarity on item progress with new system field "Status"
Multi-workspace templates
New and improved text editor

The modern rich text editor allows you to communicate more effectively, organize information easily, and provide more clarity. It offers a wider array of editing possibilities such as slash commands, a floating formatting toolbar, drag-and-drop content blocks, and much more.