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Should we open the airfocus API to the public?
Can/should we allow users to manage capacity/resources in airfocus?
How can we allow to manage personas in airfocus?
How can we allow to auto-process feedback & insights?

Processing large amounts of feedback from all kinds of channels can be super time consuming (sometimes it can be too much to realistically handle). Solving this using AI/ML will free up PM's time and improve decision making. Let us know any feedback you may have on this. Thanks.

How can we expand views to facilitate further modularity?
How can we set up automations and workflows to increase efficiency?
How can product analytics tool integrations be helpful?
How can we improve the usability of our view level actions?

We want to discuss ways to improve usability of views by introducing universal sorting and simplifying customization. This includes the importance of understanding the differences between default and quick filters for both views and their shared versions.

How do you think about this? Drop us a feedback.

Should airfocus integrate more development and task management tools?