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Performance improvements

We strive to build a platform that is as frictionless as possible so that teams can work stress-free with airfocus. Improving performance is very important so bigger teams that manage large workspaces containing many items can focus on what's important.

Dev tool integration improvements
Allow users to vote on portal items
Integrations with support and team communication tools
Allow users to spec and tell stories with docs

Docs are an essential format of articulating product strategy and providing guidance. You will be able to create Docs on the workspace as well as on the item. #morepowertothepm

Security and SSO improvements

Continue to enhance our security and improve SSO (provide support for SCIM and more).

How can we allow product teams to better handle OKRs and goal-setting in airfocus
Integrations with CRMs to provide further contact information and connect PM with customer-facing teams