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Improve performance for large workspaces

We strive to build a platform that is as frictionless as possible so that teams can work stress-free with airfocus. Improving performance is very important so bigger teams that manage large workspaces containing many items can focus on what's important.

Item panel improvements

Items are the basis for your work in airfocus. For this particular initiative we're looking at visual improvements on how information is displayed on items with a special eye on elements created by apps. Let us know what improvement you would like to see. 👇

Better connect item fields across different workspaces and hierarchy levels

The goal of this initiative is to make our hierarchy features even more powerful. We're envisioning improvements for dependencies, enhanced connections between field values or formulas, and a host of other potential improvements. We're eager to hear your ideas as we look to implement further enhancements. What kind of field connections would you like to see included? We're all ears!

Allow users to spec and tell stories with docs
SOC II certification

airfocus is already ISO 27001 certified. While SOC II and ISO 27001 share a wide range of criteria, we aim to hold both certifications.

Priority Poker improvements

We've already gotten a lot of feedback from you on our Priority Poker app and want to launch improvements based on that.

We're keeping this initiative open though, so let us know what you'd like to see improved.