Our roadmapLearn what we’re working on and help us build the best airfocus possible.
Unlock possibilities with API access
Link and embed content in the text editor
Configure airfocus Member roles with SAML groups
Bulk select insights
Insert images and files to item descriptions and comments
React to comments with emojis
Supercharge your product strategy with built-in OKRs
AI Assist: Unlock the power of AI for product managers
Insights app and feedback management improvements
Visualize complex dependencies with Gantt views
Organize information better with our revamped Text editor
Integrate more communication and customer support tools
Embed forms in your website or use them standalone
Improve cross-team collaboration and navigation
Collect votes from stakeholders quickly
Insights app: Allow to gather and centralize feedback in one place and inform product discovery
Push messages as ideas, requests, or feedback into airfocus with the new Microsoft Teams integration
Salesforce integration
Real-time updates to third-party apps with Webhooks
Portal: Share product work and get feedback on your branded portal
Improve hierarchy
Define a product hierarchy
Clearer item details
Notifications and item updates
Collect internal or public information and feedback with Forms
Align your team on status definitions and bring clarity on item progress
Dark mode
Team fields
Workspace reporting